We produce encounters, transformation and value for all parties.

At Open Business we know how to help companies in many ways, but they all start by listening and understanding people.

We only succeed if our clients achieve their goals. At Open Business, we accompany our clients closely, always with the utmost diligence and the most complete professionalism.

We detect opportunities

We specialize in understanding the companies needs, paying attention to the smallest details, in order to identify business opportunities in different sectors.

We connect people

We unite people who otherwise would not know each other. We also use the verb “win” in a broad sense to always get the best out of each encounter.

We find investors and assets

We look for the right investor, the one that best fits the particular situation and demand for each case. We also help you identify the best assets, specializing in those that are outside the market, even if they are in remote places.

We seek financing and help to grow

Open Business offers advice on financing alternatives to its clients, based on the fact that each company and each situation are always unique. The best financing formula can be via equity, via debt or a mix of both. Our main objective is to make it easier for the company, regardless of size, to carry out its business plan.