“The best connections”

Carlos Martínez Campos, Chair of the Board of Directors of Andbank (Ex-president of Barclays Bank España)

“Open Business is an excellent outfit, with the right professional skills, the best connections and ideal partnerships to deliver investment opportunities and advice on strategic issues.”

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“A vital tool for understanding business”

José Ignacio Ysasi-Ysasmendi Pemán,General Director at Casa Grande de Cartagena S.A.U.

“In these times of information overload, Open Business and Bruno Lantero have become a vital tool for understanding who is who and what is really relevant in the business ecosystem.”

“A rara avis in the world of business”

Ramón Vecino, CEO and President of Normetal

“Bruno Lantero is a rara avis in the world of business and financial services. A devotee of personal contact, empathy and, above all, an expert in finding original angles for approaching clients and operations in a unique and special way.”

“Would entrust the most delicate matters”

Mariano Olaso, CEO at Embarcadero Private Equity

“I have full confidence in his professionalisms and would entrust the most delicate matters of my company to him.”

“A business catalyzing machine”

Daniel Bensadon is CEO at City Time

“Endowed with exceptional analytical skills, Bruno is a talented and professional leader of a ‘business catalyst machine.’ Highly recommended.”

“Ability to analyze”

Juan Carvajal, Managing Partner at Espiga Capital Private Equity

“Ability to analyze complex situations from new angles.”

“Focus on the opportunities and advantages”

Alejandro Fernández Araoz, Founding Partner at Araoz & Rueda Abogados

“They have demonstrated an extraordinary ability not only to generate ideas but to get the parties to focus on the opportunities and advantages of such ideas.”

“Integrity, reliability, creativeness and know-how”

Rafael Avilés, Real Estate Investor

“Integrity, reliability, creativeness and know-how are all fundamental for a partner in today’s business world and all these qualities converge in Open Business.”

“Great skills to promote, intermediate and conclude transactions”

Nico Goulet. Managing Partner Adara Venture Partners

“Bruno Lantero is an accomplished professional who have demonstrated great skills to promote, intermediate and conclude value added transactions for all parties involved, and we have repeatedly been impressed by Bruno’s reach and quality of network.”

“Shows us the right way to connect”

Juan Perea, Business Consultant and Partner at El Confidencial

“Open Business always shows us the right way to connect the key points that lead to successful completion of important operations.”

“Integrity and excellence”

Juan Milagro, Founding Partner at Mavens

“I have known Bruno Lantero and his company for a long time and we have worked together many times. They are synonymous with integrity and excellence. it is easy to recognize them for their quality and talent.”

“A catalyst for new business opportunities”

María Rotondo Urcola, Board Member at Caceis

“Open Business can be extremely useful for discussing strategic issues, exploring new opportunities and acting as a catalyst for new business opportunities.”

“He doesn’t win if you don’t win”

Jose San Martin, President of Constructora San Martin

“Bruno Lantero is always different and often surprising. He doesn’t win if you don’t win. It’s a privilege to meet him in any situation.”

“Find business opportunities minimizing inefficiencies”

Diego Prado Pérez-Seoane, Director of Grupo Omega

“Open Business Transactions is an example of how to effectively use new technologies to find business opportunities and execute operations while minimizing inefficiencies.”

“Helps us to think”

Roberto Saint-Malo, Venture Capital Investors, BetaAngels, S.A.

“Bruno not only focuses his efforts on achieving immediate results but also helps us to think about the potential benefits that the best opportunities usually offer in the long term.”

“Highest levels of dialogue”

Joaquin Hidalgo. Founding Partner – Managing Partner of Investment Projects & Management, S.L.

“Responsibility and professionalism, attaining the highest levels of dialogue with the most exquisite treatment.”

“Valid and creative ideas and advice”

Jose Vivancos, Managing Director at IDM

“One of the platforms I always go to when I start a new project is Open Business, because Bruno always provides valid and creative ideas and advice, especially in complex situations.”

“A friendly port in a storm”

Fernando Morientes, RE Lawyer

“Open Business is a friendly port in a storm. A port where some arrive with unique ideas to create value, others arrive with capital and others with their expertise. And in that port where Bruno Lantero plays his magic, achieving the impossible and putting ideas, capital and people in contact .”

“Experience and the human qualities”

Javier Martin Artajo. President at Morena Films

“The experience and the human qualities of Bruno Lantero are the counterbalancing key to the achievement of long-term agreements.”

“Natural generator of confidence”

Alvaro Klecker, founding Partner at RTK Legal

“Bruno Lantero is a natural generator of confidence due to his direct style, his complete transparency, his desire to evolve and to help to grow.”

“Make us think bravely”

Santiago Satrustegui, President at Abante

“There is a need for advisors that make us think bravely. That advisor is Open Business.”

“Friendly environment”

Antonio Santolaya, Co-Founder and Business Developer at Motopoliza

“Open Business provides a friendly environment for facilitating new business in a truly win-win fashion for all parties, in a clear and transparent manner, tapping into connections to partners and top level customers.”

“Personal commitment”

Jose Antonio Rodríguez Alvarez, Partner at Ashurst LLP

“Rigor, trust, professionalism and, at the same time, interest and personal commitment to business matters, knowledge of markets and environments, with a wide portfolio of contacts.”

“Knowing how to listen, analyze and share”

Javier Urrutia, Managing Director at Utopica

“Open Business represents the summation of many years in the business world, knowing how to listen, analyze and share with the right person.”

“Knows how to listen and understand the priorities”

Pelayo Primo de Rivera Oriol, CEO at Kefren Capital Real Estate

“Bruno knows how to listen and understand the priorities of his clients and investors in a world full of opportunities.”