Specialized in building trust

Open Business is a strategic business and consultancy platform created to help companies in a broad sense with solutions always adapted to their specific needs, putting together a top-level group of professionals from diverse fields.

Open Business specially promote, procure and execute all kinds of business and investment operations, identifying counterparties, partners, financing channels and capital, and we help the expansion and internationalization of business.

At Open Business we have an open mind to discover and adopt new ideas, and the ability to make them accepted by others.

And, above all, we specialize in building trust. It is essential to understand, and not just understand. For us, affinity and connection require more than a cold calculation, it involves connecting ideas and people, creating an aesthetic in the relationship.

Bruno Lantero

With over 20 years experience as a corporate lawyer, Bruno Lantero decided to leave Law to start a project that harmonized with what he really enjoys: bringing experts from diverse business areas together to undertake projects and provide services in very concrete ways, while incorporating integrity and trust.

Ten years ago we started a project that today is consolidated: Open Business, a strategic business platform that helps companies connect and create value for each other.

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