Open Manifesto

While you are reading this, 4 million searches will be conducted on Google.
More than 40 million messages will be sent by WhatsApp and more than 190 million emails will be written.
In addition, 4.5 million videos on YouTube and almost 700,000 hours of content on Netflix will be watched.
And that is only a tiny part of the avalanche of information in which we are buried.

It is hardly surprising that our attention span is dwindling.
We are overwhelmed by noise, acceleration and vertigo, and it is increasingly difficult to identify what is really important.
We are disoriented by our increasing inability to listen and pay attention.

And without attention it is impossible to connect and understand each other.
It is also impossible to create and develop truly unique projects within the framework of business.

That’s why OPEN BUSINESS came into being.

To help companies connect and listen over the noise. To find allies that will enable them to achieve the goals that sometimes seem impossible. We specialize in paying attention to details in order to identify unique opportunities and thus connect them to the right partners.

We always maintain an open mind to listen, discover and understand new ideas.
And we also know what to do to make these ideas understood and be accepted by others.
Above all else, because we are experts in building trust.